About Me

As a homeowner, I know how overwhelming it is to find the right business and service providers for everyday life, especially when it comes to anything related to my home.  I’ve dealt with the hassles and frustration of not knowing which business I should use and getting burned by untrustworthy or unreliable businesses.  I want to help people both new to the area or even those who have been around for a while to avoid that frustration.  I wanted to put together a site that recommends a great business for each category to keep people in the community from being overwhelmed by too many choices.  Your potential new customers can feel assured that they’re being recommended trustworthy and reputable businesses to work with/patronize.  Also by featuring only locally owned businesses (no big corporations or franchises), it will help to make for a stronger community.  After all if your business is growing and thriving, you will help the community by spending more yourself and hiring more employees.  I wanted to create a resource that was a true win-win for both the business owners who are featured and the people who will use them.  And frankly, I believe good businesses should be rewarded for being honest and trustworthy, and I feel the site will help give great locally owned smaller businesses the recognition (and increased business) they deserve.

Once upon a time, I was an executive producer for a locally-based home builder television show that was aired on local cable.  Even though this isn’t a television show, I wanted to incorporate some of the same elements.  A little background:  the show featured a large home builder and their subcontractors/trade partners and vendors sponsored the show and were featured with their own commercial that aired during the show.  Again, it was a win-win proposition at work – the trade partners got to advertise on a show that helped the builder sell more homes.  The builder sold more homes and in turn built more homes that gave more business to their vendors and trade partners.  In addition, the potential home buyers got great detailed information about the homes from the comfort of their living room.

Another benefit to the way the show was put together was our production team was able to pass on significant savings because things were done “in bulk” and within a set timeline with regard to the production of the show and commercials.  We could charge everyone a lot less than if we worked with them individually/not in the context of the show because in a sense they were all splitting the costs.  The analogy I would use was that the home builder was hosting a barbecue and providing the space and the burgers (the show and airing it) and each trade partner was asked to provide a side (sponsoring the show).  If one person had to do everything themselves it would be much more costly than when everyone pitches in.

That concept holds true with this site.  The directory is a group project and by having everyone working together, the costs are significantly less, but more features and benefits are available than if everything was done individually per business.

What is great about this type of group project is that each business is helping the other businesses featured in the directory.  There’s no competition since there is only one business per category and with each business promoting the site, it helps all the other businesses get in front of potential new customers that they wouldn’t have been able to without the support of the group.

As a small business owner myself I know how important it is to find customers that trust me.  Marketing and promoting your business can be expensive, especially when you’re not splitting the costs with anyone else.  I wanted to use my knowledge and skills from my TV show days and online marketing skills to help as many local small businesses as I could, and to build a community of support that benefits us all.  I knew that by working together with a select group of like-minded business owners, I could pass on my knowledge and skills while making it affordable and even more powerful than if it was done individually.  I want to build relationships and see other great business owners succeed and thrive.

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