Benefits of site:

  • Exclusivity – only one business per category/type. No competition.  All other directory sites list multiple (or all of) the businesses in an area.  With this directory site, only the top businesses are listed.  It helps cut down on clutter and confusion for the site visitor looking for a business and again, it eliminates each business owner from having to struggle to stand out from their competitors.
  • Positions you as a trusted and reputable business.
  • Social trust/proof. Customers know your business is recommended and reputable.
  • Supporting locally owned businesses – large corporations/chains/franchises will not be included/promoted.
  • Getting your business in front of more and more people – meaning more customers and increased profits.
  • Promoting the community/building stronger relationships.
  • Allows site visitors and the community to get to know you better/learn more about you.
  • Cross promotion and reach because each business is promoting the site, which means more and more people learn about your business – without you doing anything extra!
  • Significant cost savings due to the power of the group. You can market and promote your business for a fraction of the cost by being a part of the group than if you were to try to do it individually/on your own.
  • Getting more for less – again thanks to the power of the group, we can offer more features and benefits for a fraction of the price of what we would charge individually.
  • Giving back to the community. Part of the proceeds will go toward local charitable organizations.  You get to help your business, help your fellow business owners, help local customers, and help local charities.