Real Estate Agent

So, why should you, as a real estate agent consider this?  Because it is a unique opportunity to market and promote some of your listings at no charge.

What’s Included:

  • Listing video(s)
  • 1 “commercial”/about you video (about you with contact information and call to actions)
  • Free printed materials for promoting site
  • Free single property site
  • Inclusion in directory as only real estate agent/only listings to be shown (no competition)
  • Everything that the businesses get (but listing videos instead of other types) which means – a listing in the directory, your own page on site, etc.

What’s the catch:

  • Must be willing to contact local businesses that meet criteria and help persuade them to sign up for directory membership; either sell or at least pre-sell them on being a member of the directory
  • After site is set up, promote the site by handing out the cards with website information on it, on your social media, word of mouth, etc.
  • Refer me to other agents and businesses for the services I provide

Why participate?

  • Lots of valuable free marketing
  • Free video production
  • Free property site
  • Additional exposure/marketing
  • Very little effort (just contact appropriate local businesses and suggest they join)
  • Provide valuable resource to clients and potential clients (top recommended businesses any new homeowner or even long-term resident could use all in one place)
  • Helping local community/economy
  • Supports local charity

Why am I doing this?

I had the idea of creating a site that helps local small businesses but knew I could use some help with getting it off the ground.  My expertise is in marketing and video creation, not in sales.  Plus I don’t have all of the relationships that a quality real estate agent does.  I want to leverage your relationships, while making it very worth your while.  You have the relationship and trust built with the businesses that will be featured on the site, and I have the skills to get everyone more exposure and to get new customers.

Sample of listing video:

Sample of single property site: