What You Get

What’s included/how it works:

We’re teaming up with a local real estate agent.  The idea came about because a real estate agent is often asked for recommendations of businesses to use by the new homeowners.  This is a chance for those recommended businesses to be in one, easy to access place and provide the new homeowners with information about each business.  But we’re not limiting this to just the real estate agent’s clients and new homeowners – we want everyone in the community to know about you so you can get more and more new customers!

The intent of the site is to be a resource for the community.  It will save so much time and frustration to visitors because they have information on all the types of businesses they might need to look for in one place along with the assurance that they’re dealing with great, trustworthy businesses without having to deal with the overwhelm of so many to choose from.  The goal is for this site to be the rolodex of businesses people want to use.

My company will create/design/set up the site and host it.   We put it all together for you!

Here’s what is included when you’re part of the group:

  • Being listed/featured on the site (and the only one of your business type – no competition)
  • Being listed/featured on the Facebook page about the site. (Only businesses from the site will be listed on the Facebook page – so again none of your competitors will be promoted.)
  • A custom YouTube channel dedicated to the directory site that will include all videos made, both about the site and for each individual business.
  • Promotion of the site/FB page by the real estate agent. (They will promote on their own website(s), social media, word of mouth, email, and be provided printed materials to pass out to clients and new homeowners.)
  • Promotion via other group members. Each member can also promote the site/FB page via their website, social media, emails, word of mouth, and be provided printed materials to pass out to anyone they want – current customers or anyone they come in contact within the community.
  • Promotion of the site and Facebook page by myself/my company. We will do search engine optimization (SEO) to get the site ranking at the top of Google/other search engines for the keywords that your potential customers use to find businesses like yours.  This will also include custom videos about the site that will be promoted on YouTube and social media and will be ranked in the search engines.
  • Printed materials about the group that can be passed out to people in the community.
  • Interviews with each business owner/company
  • Feature some of your 5-star reviews to give that social proof and trust that customers need to feel assured about doing business with you.
  • Your own page/mini-site on the site dedicated to your business.
  • Part of the proceeds go directly to helping local charitable organizations.
  • Video commercial of your business.*
  • New video each month. (Can be a new commercial, review video, video feature specials, you’ll have options to have fresh content each month)*
  • Videos added to YouTube.


*May not be included, depending on which package you sign up for.  Please check to see what is included in each package.

Note:  Any videos created for your company will be featured on your page/mini site within the directory site and uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel.  In addition, we’ll give you the video file so you can put it on your own site, Facebook page, or wherever you want.